Bloodwork Services for Pets

Bloodwork is one of the main forms of diagnostics we perform at our hospital. All pets regardless of health status may be required to have lab work done. Every pet should have at least one blood test each year; if your pet is a senior they may need two blood tests each year during their veterinary exam. At Davisville Park Animal Hospital we are equipped to perform basic screening tests and more involved blood profiles. Understanding your pet’s complete blood count is essential to managing their overall health. To schedule your pet’s bloodwork, reach out to us at 416-489-8387.

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Why are blood tests necessary?

Your pet may need bloodwork done for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons why we perform blood tests:

  1. To diagnose a problem. When your pet comes in with health issues we always perform blood work. Blood tests can diagnose anemia, infection, inflammation, kidney/liver problems and other conditions.
  2. Your pet has surgery. Before surgery, we recommend blood testing to learn how much anesthesia to use during the procedure.
  3. To detect unknown conditions. During a wellness exam, we perform bloodwork to detect latent conditions in your pet. Your pet may seem healthy but it is not always possible to know for sure by just examining their physical body.
  4. To figure out your pet’s normal health. Even if your pet is healthy, bloodwork may still be recommended to have an idea of your pet’s baseline health. This can be used for comparison in the future.

How can I prepare my pet for a blood test?

For the best blood sample, we ask that pets fast for 6-12 hours before their appointment. To help your pet stay calm we sometimes recommend bringing your pet’s favourite item for the appointment. We also ask that all patients are up-to-date with their vaccines.

Where are blood samples taken from?

Blood can be drawn from a vein on your pet’s neck or leg.

How long does it take to get the results from bloodwork?

We are usually able to provide same-day results as our hospital has an on-site laboratory.

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