Behavioural Counselling for Pets

Have you ever noticed strange behaviours in your pet like hiding or excessively licking their skin until fur comes off? If yes, then your pet may benefit from behavioural counselling. Around 15% of pet parents report that their loyal companion has behaviour problems. Any behaviour that seems unnatural for your specific pet should be discussed with a veterinarian. With behavioural counselling our behaviourist can train your pet on how to respond in a healthier way.

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How do I know if my pet needs behavioural counselling?

Our veterinarians recommend counselling based on the observations you notice at home. To understand your pet’s behaviours and moods, we ask questions during their wellness exams. If you inform us of any strange or potentially harmful behaviours we will recommend behavioural counselling. Once your pet’s actions pose a threat to themselves, other animals or humans you should inform your veterinarian. To discuss your pet’s behaviour with one of our veterinarians, please call 416-489-8387.

What may be causing my pet to have undesirable behaviours?

When your pet comes in for a consultation our first task is to ensure that their behaviour does not stem from pain. Your loyal companion can sometimes act out in response to health issues. Small changes such as moving their litter box and introducing new pets/people to their environment can cause pets to act out. If your pet is lonely, they may develop separation anxiety when left at home alone. The best way to know for sure is through a consultation with your veterinarian.

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